GMVS is fortunate to have a dedicated body of community members with diverse backgrounds and expertise who generously serve on our Board of Trustees. Our trustees are a mix of alumni, parents, parents of alumni, and community members, all of whom are passionately committed to overseeing the administration of the school and the management of its financial and physical resources.

Our Trustees share a passion for GMVS’s mission, appreciate its history, and believe in the power of a GMVS education.

Our Trustees

Josh Slocum ’94, Chair
Mike Krupka P ‘16, Vice Chair
Jamie Preston ’80, Vice Chair
Ed Vilandrie P ‘18, P ‘20, Treasurer
Leslie Reynolds P ‘87, Secretary
Jamie Armstrong ’83; P ‘17
Frazier Blair ‘93
Charlie Brush P ‘02, P ‘04
Geoff Duckworth ’01
Hans Halvorsen ’12
James Hildebrand P ’96
Al Hobart
Jay Kearns
Travis “TJ” Kingsbury ’97
John Kirby P’11
Matt Knittle ’97
Mark Radcliffe ’88
Al Rose
Devlin Shea ’13