Built upon Olympic dreams and enduring values, GMVS sprang to life with eleven winter-term students in 1973. The original “Mad Acad” (as students called it) — the brainchild of four young men with a passion for skiing and life itself — was built on the founders’ belief that they could provide a quality academic experience for competitive skiers in a safe, supportive, and responsibly supervised home away from home. From the very beginning, GMVS became an “all hands on deck” kind of place.

From its humble start in Al and Jane Hobart’s house on Bragg Hill, a nearby chalet, and scattershot on-snow training, GMVS moved first to the Shultz’s barn in Moretown, and finally to its current location on the Brothers’ farm. With a farmhouse and some land to use as the main facilities, all that was needed for a school were a few more buildings and the spirited people to make it happen. In keeping with the GMVS ethos of shared effort and shared purpose, everybody pitched in, and the current iteration of the GMVS campus was born.

Since then, GMVS has been transformed. Our campus and facilities have expanded and been modernized, the student body has grown, our staff has become more specialized, and our program offerings have broadened – yet the GMVS mission and vision remains the same today as it was in 1973.

Our Mission

Through the unique sport of ski racing and through education in the liberal arts tradition, it is our mission to develop the whole person with a life-long love of learning, sport, and adventure. Our goal is to create an environment in which our students can become well-rounded scholars, athletes, and citizens who value: discipline, responsibility, respect, independent initiative, as well as total commitment and effort.

Why Gumby?

In the late 1980s, the GMVS girls’ soccer team was making a run at the state championship title. After one game, a reporter asked the team what their mascot was. They looked at one another – they didn’t have an official mascot – and in a moment of creativity, one girl spoke up.

“Well, we’re flexible, we’re agile, we’re fun…” The description made her think of a certain green television character. “I guess we’re the Gumbies.” The name stuck.

An Olympic History