You’re committed to skiing, and you’re also a well-rounded athlete. You’ve been a multi-sport athlete your whole life. Here you don’t have to give that up. We view field sports as powerful compliments to our ski specific training. They foster teamwork, sportsmanship, leadership, and spirit in immeasurable ways.



Soccer and Lacrosse as Part of Vermont's Division 2

As participants in Vermont’s Division 2 athletics, GMVS fields competitive varsity boys and girls soccer and lacrosse teams each year. More than 60% of the student body participates in spring and fall sports, and, in certain years, we field JV as well as Varsity teams. GMVS has often gone on to win Division 2 State Championships — most recently with the 2021 Girls Lacrosse Team.

The campus has two regulation fields for outdoor training, and athletes also utilize the Racing Performance Center throughout the year for conditioning.

Additional Sport Opportunitiees

In addition to participating in our soccer and lacrosse programs, GMVS students may also participate on our Mountain Biking Team, run Cross Country, or, in certain cases, join the Harwood Union Middle/High School teams. Several GMVS athletes go on to play spring or fall sports in college.