At GMVS, outstanding teachers and world-class coaches work in concert with one another to support your journey. They’ll tailor instruction for you, inspire you to give that extra effort, push you to ask challenging questions, inspire you in the classroom and on the hill, and be your biggest cheerleaders – in every area of life.

The qualifications and expertise of the professional community at GMVS mirror the passion, commitment, and achievement of our students. Faculty and staff members model a lifelong love of learning and a commitment to adventure, ensuring these values remain at the heart of our enterprise, in turn remaining at the heart of your enterprise.

Lauren Ayotte

Director of Learning Services

Matteo Bassi

U19 Boys' Coach

Brie Beckwith

Elevation PT Physical Therapist

Jamie Bender

U19 Boys' Coach

Dave Beningson

Science and Math Teacher

Emily Berner

Learning Services

Bart Bradford

U16 Girls' Coach

Jenny Brennan

Director of Student Life

Jere Brophy

Director of College Counseling, German Teacher

Teo Calcagni

KBRA Venue & Events Manager

Nick Caycedo

Theater Director

Ray Cinti

Science Teacher

Tim Curran

Head U16 Boys' Coach

JP Daigneault

Head U14 Coach

Devin Delaney

High Performance Director of Nutrition, U16 Girls' Coach

Kat Derrick

Nordic Coach, Dorm Parent

Miles Derrick

Dorm Parent

Sarah Despres

U19 Girls' Coach, Soccer Coach, Science Teacher

Sarah Duffy

Dorm Parent

Danny Duffy

Dorm Parent

Nicole Dyhrman

Director of Strategic Marketing & Communications

Grif Edwards

G7 Program Director, History Teacher

Barb Frascella

Business Manager

Laura Gailiunas

Math and French Teacher, Learning Services Support

Mary Ganzenmuller

English Teacher

Lorant Gudasz

High-Performance Director of Conditioning and GMVS Ski Club Director

Tim Harris

History Teacher

Andrea Harris

History/Math Teacher, Dean of College Counseling

Bowen Holden

Director of Admissions, Girls' Lacrosse Coach, RISE Program Director

Sydney Edwards

Student Life Coordinator

Mariah Hostetter

Calculus Teacher and Learning Services Tutor

Amanda Howes

Facilities Manager

Sam Jackson

English Teacher, Boys' Lacrosse Coach

Kerry Jackson

Assistant Head of School, Academic Director, English Teacher

Laura Jackson

7th and 8th Grade Science and Chemistry Teacher

Seth Joslin

Dir. of Facilities

Adam Julius

Assistant Ski Club Director for Community Relations, U14 Coach

Tracy Keller

Head of School

Robby Kelley

U19 Boys Coach -- PG Group

Scott Kennison

Equipment/Tuning Manager

Josh Klevans

Director of Finance & Operations

Dani Koch

High-Performance Director, Head U19 Girls' Coach

Erin Lashar

U19 Boys' Coach

Micah Lashar

U19 Girls' Coach

[email protected]

Sonrisa Lewis

Math Teacher

Kevin Martell

History Teacher, Dorm Parent

Megan Mikell

U16 Boys' Coach

Cindy Mumford

U14 Coach, Photography Teacher

Sofija Novoselic

U16 Girls' Coach, Sports Psychology Trainer

Cathy Plas

French Teacher, Winter Term Coordinator, Injury Support Team

Charlie Powell

U19 Girls' Coach

Karl Robicsek

U19 Boys' Coach

Jen Robillard

Assistant Academic Director, French Teacher, ESL Instructor, International Students Coordinator

Colin Rodgers

Nordic Program Director

Sheila Stawinski

Sport Psychology Consultant / Mental Skills Coach

Sally Utter

GMVS Ski Club Assistant Director

Steve Utter

Alpine Program Director, U16 Girls' Head Coach

Abby Vietze

Administrative Assistant

Jennifer White

Alumni & Events Coordinator

Doug Williams

Head U19 Boys' Coach

Gabriela “Gaby” Zimbron

Athletic Trainer