You’ll be in good hands. On-site physical therapy with highly trained physical therapists who really know ski racing separates GMVS from the pack. From your first physical movement screening to your last workout on campus, you’ll be in good hands.

In Their Words
"I feel super lucky to have been able to rehab my back with Brie And Dani at GMVS. They have all the resources, knowledge, and expertise that I needed to get back on snow ASAP. I returned to snow with a precise plan that helped me ski pain free with confidence."
– Paula Moltzen, U.S. Ski Team

Injury Prevention

Our alpine and Nordic coaches work with physical therapists and athletic trainers from Elevation PT to provide biomechanical evaluation, USTART movement screening, and workout modifications. We identify athletes at risk of injury, prescribe corrective exercises and individualized programs, and monitor athlete progress throughout the season.


Informal partnerships with doctors from the Orthopedic Center at the University of Vermont grants injured athletes nearly immediate access to physician evaluation and advanced imagery, resulting in quicker diagnoses and highly coordinated treatment.

Return to Ski

Our pioneering “Return to Ski” approach goes beyond traditional RTS programs and includes “Return to Training” and “Return to Racing” methodology. Our RTS specialists collaborate with Elevation PT staff, and our mental health team to provide careful supervision and support of injured athletes’ progressions from physical therapy, to the RPC, and back into the start.

In Their Words
"I was able to work with a lot of different physical and athletic trainers while I was with the US Team and at Dartmouth, but it is nice to have such a professional staff right at home at Elevation."
– Drew Duffy '13, Dartmouth College Class of 2021

Meet Our Team

Brie Beckwith

Elevation PT Physical Therapist

Introducing Elevation PT

Elevation Physical Therapy is a privately owned, outpatient physical therapy practice, located right here on our campus.

Their physical therapists specialize in rehabilitation for injuries sustained in sports, accidents, as well as treating individuals rehabilitating after surgery. We also provide athletic training and sports performance services.

Their holistic approach involves a full postural assessment to identify muscle imbalances as well as integration of all system imbalances including respiratory, visual and neurological.