Our G7 program is specifically designed for alpine and Nordic racers who are eager to experience ski academy life. Our goal with G7 is to help students determine whether or not full-time attendance at GMVS fits with their passions. G7 students will be immersed in the life of the school and, with the support of our dedicated G7 staff, learn the art of balancing their academic course load with the demands of intensive ski training.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is G7 a tutorial program or does GMVS have a distinct G7 curriculum?

G7 students enroll in GMVS’s 7th grade curriculum, which may be distinct from their sending school curriculum. The G7 Program Director communicates with sending school teachers to create a smooth transition to and from the GMVS winter term program. After a successful G7 winter, many of our 7th grade students choose to apply, and are accepted into the full-year 8th grade program at GMVS.

Who do G7 students ski with?

G7 students join their age appropriate ski group for on-snow training regardless of their grade. All U14 alpine skiers train alongside one another while all Nordic skiers train alongside one another.

What are the G7 Program Dates?

The G7 program runs from early November through late March.

The G7 STEAM Program

Led by Eddie Merma of Sculpture School Vermont, G7 students spend 6-8 weeks of their winter term working on a community-oriented interdisciplinary project. In 2019 they provided new activities for the Moretown Library and in 2020 they helped get Wildflower Studio set for success.