2021 - 2022 Program Fees And Rates

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U16 Saturday Only / Holidays


High School Pre-Season


RISE Program (Ski Club Member)


RISE Program (Non Ski Club Member)


Cochran's Evening Training


Registration for the 2021-22 Season is FULL -- Join our Waitlist!

Registration for the 2001-22 season is FULL. If you are interested in joining the GMVS Club, please fill out the registration waitlist form and we will contact you if a spot opens. If you have other questions, please contact Sally Utter, GMVS Ski Club Assistant Director for Programs ([email protected]) and Lorant Gudasz, GMVS Ski Club Director ([email protected]).


Additional Fees

Volunteer/Race Duty Deposit: $550
A refundable volunteer/race duty deposit is paid by each participating family. Deposits are refunded in May of that year to each family who complete the required 3 race duties (or 6 training center clean-ups) or combination of the two, during the season.

Locker Rental Fees: Small: $350 Large: $700
Seasonal locker rentals are available to all members.
Club program fees do not include the Sugarbush season’s pass.
See www.sugarbush.com for season’s pass information. Athletes need to purchase either an IKON pass or a Sugarbush Premium passes. Please do not purchase the IKON Base pass — it has numerous blackout days that will restrict access during important GMVS Ski Club training days.