For years, there has been talk of improving and expanding the training and race venue on Inverness. Talk of more varied and challenging terrain, more training lanes, more consistent training surfaces, and an ability to host higher level and championship races. That time is now!

These transformations have been funded through the Inverness Reimagined Campaign, with donations from our generous supporters. Check out the naming opportunities and how to donate to the Inverness Reimagined Campaign below

"Our goal is to provide a training venue whereby daily training is defined by the individual athlete’s needs, not by space or time limitations." -- Tracy Keller Head of School

In Steve's Words

Hear what longtime GMVS Alpine Program Director, Steve Utter, has to say about our exciting project in the Kelly Brush Race Arena.

Check Out the Latest Update to the Kelly Brush Race Arena

Improved Uphill Capacity

In 1982, GMVS installed a Poma up the skiers right of Inverness, and set the standard for training venues throughout the United States. The Poma has served us well for over 25 years, yet it continues to show its age.

A new high-speed, full-length Leitner Poma T-Bar will increase our ability to be flexible and innovative with our training schedules and training environment, enabling us to further meet the needs of our individual athletes.

The new T-Bar will run up skiers’ right of Inverness for 3,900 ft. from tower 2 of the Inverness Chair to just below the top terminal of the Inverness Chair.

With a speed of 700 ft./min. and a total ride time of just 5 ½ minutes, the new T-Bar will enable us to increase training volume on full length courses two fold. An unload only mid-station will provide additional flexibility especially during the early season and in challenging weather conditions.

Estimated Cost: $1,300,000
Estimated Installation: Summer 2020

Improved Snowmaking

Expanded terrain and a surface lift on the skiers’ right of Inverness combined with increasingly unpredictable weather patterns warrant expansion and improvement of snowmaking capacity.

New snowmaking pipelines (up skiers’ right underneath the Inverness Chair), a new pump, additional hydrants, and 40-50 new snow guns will enable us to minimize delays in snow production due to line breaks, make snow in more marginal temperature conditions, and obtain greater (and faster) coverage on both Inverness and Brambles.

Estimated Cost: $1,000,000
Phase 1 (New Pump) Installation: November 2019
Phase 2 Estimated Completion: November 2020

Ski Club Building Renovations

In 1993, GMVS became the gold standard in alpine race programs with the completion of a dedicated training center at the base of Inverness. Since then, the building has aged and we have outgrown our current space.

Renovations to the building will help us build a world-class home for our world-class program.

Estimated Cost: $750,000
Estimated Completion: November 2021

Race & Event Infrastructure

We’re investing in our on-hill equipment and infrastructure to become the safest, most technically advanced racing and training venue in North America. New fiber and Internet combined with a Wireless Timing Network (WTN) will make on-hill training a cut above the rest.

A true spectator/finish arena complete with a new timing building, a large timing display, and sufficient audio capabilities, combined with adequate on-hill storage and a dedicated KBRA Venue & Events Manager with snow surface expertise will make GMVS the place to train and race.

Total Estimated Cost: $400,000
Estimated Completion: November 2021

Sustaining the Future

Hiring a full-time, seasonal KBRA Venue and Events Manager along with associated expenses (leasing a snowcat and/or hiring a qualified operator) will be recurring, annual expenses that fall outside our operating budget.

As a result, we aim to raise an endowment of $3,500,000 to help cover those annual expenses and ensure strong financial footing on which to run our upgraded venue.

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