Make your prep period count. Get 45 days on snow by early December. Master technique and tactics in deliberate and repetitive ways when you can really take the time to focus on the fundamentals. Be ready to put it all together on race day.

There are few absolutes about the best out-of-season skiing plan, but one certainty is that all out-of-skiing is beneficial for motivated athletes. No amount of conditioning can make up for a lack of accumulated ski time.

Our camp plan reflects our focus on the long term perspective: accumulating the greatest amount of on-snow training days as possible ahead of their adolescent growth spurts and effectively habituating and automating proper technique and tactics. Each camp has a deliberate focus and emphasizes the highest possible volume of on-snow time.

May -- Colorado

Each new season begins in May with a trip to Colorado focused on technical freeskiing and GS gate training. Capitalize on frozen snow training when your optimal technical movements from the winter are still fresh.

June -- Fonna Glacier, Norway

Take advantage of superb training conditions on the Fonna Glacier to hone your technical freeskiing and begin a structured slalom and GS gate training progression.

September -- Chile

Start the school year off with a trip to the Southern Hemisphere for some winter skiing where you’ll work on fundamentals, begin gate training and focus on speed elements.

November -- Colorado

By November, most of our U16 and U19s are ready for a high-level, pre-competition gate training experience — that’s what November in Colorado is all about. For U14s who have not had much, if any previous on-snow time during the prep period, Colorado is directed toward building athletes’ technical free skiing base.