Every adult here on campus is dedicated to helping you thrive. Our job is to push you, help you up when you fall, and celebrate your inevitable successes. We’ll help you to see your potential on days when you don’t, we’ll help you balance competing interests, we’ll help you navigate difficult moments.

We strive to create a psychologically safe environment for all students — a place where you can commit to your dreams while being your true self. Our student support team is comprised of not only the teachers, coaches, and advisors you’ll work with every day, but also our Director of Student Life, our sport psychologist, and our counseling resources.

Throughout the course of the year, our health and wellness curriculum addresses many different topics relevant to the adolescent experience. Programs include team talks focused on sports performance, nutrition education, guest speakers on mindfulness and social media use, and assemblies on a variety of other topics tailored to students’ interests and experiences.

Academic Support

Small classes, robust advising, supportive faculty and a comprehensive Learning Services Center make for a supportive academic environment.


At GMVS, your advisor takes on a critical role providing guidance in all areas of your life on campus. Your adviser will work with you in a myriad of ways —from providing academic support, to cheerleading on the sidelines, to providing a safe place to talk. Advisors also serve as parents’ primary point of contact with the school — we’re just a phone call away.

Mental Health Couseling

We recognize that the organic relationships formed with teachers, coaches, and administrators don’t always provide sufficient support. An integral part of GMVS’s Student Support Team is a mental health counselor who visits campus on a weekly basis.

Additional resources are also available locally within the Mad River Valley and surrounding towns.

Sport Psychology

Our on-site sport psychologist will help you develop a high-performance mindset to help build confidence, focus, and determination to train and race at your best on any given day.