GMVS is defined by a vibrant and inclusive student life experience — all grounded in adventure. Here some of your greatest lessons will occur on the field, on the seat of a mountain bike, back stage, and at the dinner table. Soccer, lacrosse, theater, studio art, community service, adventure weekends? Your GMVS is what you make of it.


In Case You Were Wondering

  • Weekend activities are open-ended…paintballing in Burlington, UVM hockey games, the local fair, golfing, mountain biking at Kingdom Trails and Quidditch, you name it
  • Evening activities like dances, bonfires, and movie screenings are popular with all students
  • Adventure weekends help students get off campus and embrace all that New England has to offer: rock climbing, mountain biking, whitewater rafting, backcountry skiing…
  • Waitsfield is a 10-minute walk from campus
  • Every dorm room has its own personality
  • Day students are almost always welcome on campus — even to spend the night on weekend
  • Boarding students are welcome to “check out” for the weekend

Boarding Student Life

As a boarding student, you’ll build strong connections that result from living, learning, and training in a residential environment where 60% of students live on campus. Dormitory living develops bonds — with your peers and dorm parents — that last a lifetime. You’ll share stories, meals, and

bathrooms with students from different backgrounds — students come from around the world to experience GMVS.

Boarding students live in one of four dormitories that surround the lower soccer field (Clark House, Witch’s Hat, Poundcake or New Dorm). Dorm parents live in apartments in each dorm and strive to create a close-knit family within each dorm. All faculty members spend time “on duty” in the dorms, providing guidance and support for students when they need it.

We strive to make dormitories more than residence halls. We want your dorm to become your home.

Day Student Life

Sleep in your own bed and let GMVS become an extension of your own home. Start and end your days at home, but you’ll spend enough time on campus to feel equally at home at GMVS.

Day students have been a key component of the school since 1973 and play an integral and valuable role in the community. Today, roughly 40 students commute to school from Waitsfield and surrounding towns, most within a 30-mile radius from campus.

Day students have officially designated spaces on campus, where there are lockers, showers, and comfortable spaces for studying and socializing. But, you’ll also find them all over campus. Day students are fully involved in the life of the school, and often stay on campus long after their academic or sports commitments are complete.