Welcome to a place where you’ll be intellectually challenged and discover your passions. At GMVS, learning is an active pursuit that takes many forms. There is no one path for students here. GMVS meets you where you are and prepares you for your future.

Define Your Path

It’s not about the grade, or how well you perform on a test; it’s about developing a lifelong passion for learning. Imagine doing science labs every day, giving your opinion in student-driven Harkness discussions, speaking French with native speakers, and being featured in a local art show. Imagine a school where your intellectual curiosity and perseverance are rewarded, where your teachers are there not just to help you learn but to help you develop passions and interests that will last a lifetime. That’s the GMVS difference.

Our Curriculum

GMVS offers a challenging college preparatory curriculum intended to prepare students with the content knowledge and skills necessary to be successful at the collegiate level and beyond. In addition to traditional core courses, each academic department offers a variety of electives and select opportunities for advanced work.

Students are engaged, from their earliest entry point to GMVS, in an ongoing conversation about their academic goals. Each is challenged to pursue the most rigorous path through our curriculum and to take risks along the way. Courses and course load are selected on the basis of academic preparedness, ability, and the demands of each student’s travel schedule, not necessarily by age or grade level.

Small classes emphasize critical thinking, student engagement, and personal responsibility. As a result, students become active participants in their learning both while on campus and during ski-related travel. They take pride in the quality of the work they produce in response to high academic expectations, and stretch the limits of their potential.

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Academics On The Road

At GMVS, travel for racing and training is an integral part of the high school experience. Students are held accountable for their school work while away. As a result, these athletes learn how to utilize their free time judiciously. They use their class web pages to follow the curriculum and coaches ensure that students have study time daily to maintain their coursework. Teachers often meet individually with students following their return from travels.

Related Facts

  • Average class size is 12
  • 16 full-time teachers
  • 2 semesters
  • Typical course load = 5 core courses and an elective
  • On-campus PSAT, SAT, and ACT administration
  • Flipped-classroom teaching supports hands-on learning in state-of-the-art science labs
  • Online learning platform connects students with their curricula, teachers, and online library
  • Comprehensive ESL curriculum
  • Individualized college counseling support

Tools For An Expansive Education

Kent Coughlin Memorial Science Center

Two contemporary lab and classroom spaces complete with advanced scientific equipment. Here you’re not just learning about science, you’re doing science with a hands-on approach.

Vermont-Gale Online Library

A collection of online library resources specifically designed for Green Mountain Valley School provided by the state of Vermont.