At the onset of the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, the world came to a crashing halt; however, GMVS continued to forge ahead thinking creatively and finding new ways to deliver on its mission. One of those creative ideas came in the form of a ski treadmill. 

Often seen in indoor spaces or areas of the world where snow is limited, our ski treadmill found a home outside the Doug Parker Center and was utilized daily in the fall of 2020 when chasing snow was no longer an option due to the shutdown of travel. Geared up in one’s own ski boots and locked into a short pair of skis, student-athletes hopped on the ski treadmill for focused periods of time, working on dialing in boot setups, ankle flexion, balance and more. 

While challenging not to be on snow when our sport necessitates logging mileage to succeed, the ski treadmill proved to be the next best alternative and provided a consistent training opportunity easily accessible by all.