Remember standing in line waiting for Brunch to begin? The smell of bacon wafting down the stairwell? The door finally opening and the front of the hungry mob quickly flowing up the stairs. Heidi and Sandy, behind the counter, pretending to be cranky but smirking behind their scowls at the excited GMVSers. On special days, the word traveled quickly to the middle and even to the bottom of the stairs. Cries of “It’s Disney Toast!” were repeated over and over down the line. 

Describing Disney Toast as French toast is a little like saying a Lamborghini is a car. It started with slices of well-preserved, doughy, gluten-rich, white bread, which was then dunked in an egg mixture and deep fried to golden crisps and finished with dustings of cinnamon sugar. Topping their pieces were ladles of real maple syrup, squirts of whipped cream, and for the health conscious perhaps a side of fresh fruit to go with the bacon before sitting down to inhale the breakfast treat. Often the GMVSers would consume a piece and return to the line for a second or third piece. If memory serves, Cody Transue ‘06 holds the GMVS Disney Toast eating record at 11 pieces in one brunch.

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