Green Mountain Valley School (GMVS) wrapped up a successful school year of academic and athletic excellence. The end of the year finished off with final exams, both girls’ and boys’ lacrosse playoffs, an all-school prom at the Mad River Barn, and a celebratory senior dinner on campus. As usual for a typical year, the week culminated with a commencement ceremony for the Class of 2022 on Saturday, June 4th.

In keeping with GMVS tradition, the graduation ceremony focused on our graduates, each of whom shared heartfelt thoughts and memories about their time at GMVS. The graduates’ short speeches were inspiring, and touching, and included emotional tributes to their teachers, coaches, and fellow classmates. Although they were saying goodbye to this chapter, they are prepared for continuing to live the mission of GMVS which instills the development of a whole person with a life-long love of learning, sport, and adventure.

The graduation ceremony also featured the awarding of the Governor Phil Hoff Vermont Honor Scholarship and the recognition of the school’s valedictorian. The Governor Phil Hoff Vermont Honor Scholarship is awarded annually and goes to a Vermont resident who has participated in community service as well as other extracurricular activities and has demonstrated outstanding academic achievement. This year, the award went to Alex Chudzik of Stowe, VT. The school also recognized a valedictorian for the highest GPA in the graduating class. Megan Ryan of Duxbury, MA earned the school’s highest academic honor.

The 16 seniors entered the commencement ceremony driving a mix of motorized vehicles, a perfect reflection of their adventurous spirit. Most of the graduates will continue on to various colleges and universities throughout the United States. A handful will remain at GMVS to participate in post-graduate studies and continue to pursue their ski racing goals. Commencement is always bittersweet, and we are proud to send these focused young adults off into the world to do great things. As new alumni, they always have a home at GMVS.


Congratulations to the GMVS Class of 2022!

Alexander Nelson Chudzik, Davidson College

Victoria Knight Clancy, Postgraduate

Parker Clare Crawford, Postgraduate at Aspen, Colby College

Walker Thomas Henyon, Postgraduate at GMVS

Hazel Howard, Postgraduate

Phoebe Anna Hussey, Postgraduate

Silas Chittenden Jackson, St. Lawrence University

Jackson Bruno Musial, Colby-Sawyer College

Lucas Palcsik, Postgraduate at GMVS

Oscar VØgg Preisler, Postgraduate at GMVS

Mary Virginia Queally, Hamilton College

Dillon Macmillan Rowles, Montana State University

Megan Brigid Ryan, Georgetown University

Cole Winchester Sachs, Colgate University

Ian Christopher Seelert, Hamilton College

Maxine Adrienne Van Strien-Tuttle, Postgraduate in Maine