GMVS to Benefit from Multi-Million Dollar On-Hill Investments at Sugarbush Resort

A Portion of Sugarbush’s On-Going Capital Improvements to Enhance Snowmaking at its Inverness Peak, GMVS Training and Racing Venue.

GMVS is thrilled to learn that Sugarbush Resort, as part of its ongoing improvement initiatives, will enhance the snowmaking system at its Inverness Peak at Mt. Ellen. The project and GMVS’s renewed commitment to race-specific grooming will ensure an unparalleled training and race experience in the Kelly Brush Race Arena. The investment, totaling $3+ million, will elevate Sugarbush’s ability to open the Inverness Peak earlier in the season and recover from unfavorable weather events, which have become more prevalent in recent years. It will also expand the resort’s ability to deliver world-class training and racing experiences on the Inverness Trail and in the Kelly Brush Race Arena daily.

The cornerstone of this project is a significant $2 million investment that Sugarbush Resort is making to upgrade the snowmaking facilities on Inverness. This project involves the replacement of the current snowmaking lines on Inverness and installing new state-of-the-art towers and hydrants. By doing so, the training venue will experience an immediate and substantial positive impact.

To further enhance the effectiveness and safety of the venue, as part of this project, the lower T-bar will be removed. This improvement will optimize the snowmaking system and ensure a safer and more enjoyable experience for all athletes and visitors.

Additionally, Sugarbush Resort is investing $1 million in its pumping capacity at Mt. Ellen, further strengthening its snowmaking capabilities to the 4,083-foot summit. This investment will enable Sugarbush to produce snow more rapidly in the Kelly Brush Race Arena and across a wider area.

Once snow blankets the ground, GMVS is committed to collaborating with Sugarbush to ensure the surface is at its best for training and racing. To achieve this goal, the school will collaborate with Sugarbush Resort and introduce a new Prinoth snowcat on-site. GMVS has leased this snowcat, which will be operated by a GMVS staff member, and will be entirely dedicated to maintaining the snow surface in the Kelly Brush Race Arena. Combining the new T-Bar, improved snowmaking capacity, and a devoted winch cat will undoubtedly make the Kelly Brush Race Arena the envy of other venues around the country.

Jeff Lackie, former U.S. Ski Team Coach who joined GMVS this spring as Senior Director of High-Performance Sport, emphasizes the importance of these investments: “These multi-million dollar on-hill investments reaffirm an unwavering dedication to providing our athletes with the best training and racing experiences. We are poised to foster a culture of excellence, propelling athletes in our junior program and at the Academy to achieve their fullest potential. I couldn’t be more excited.”

“It’s great to see Alterra’s continuing support of Sugarbush,” said John Hammond, President and Chief Operating Officer at the Resort. “Since acquiring Sugarbush in 2020, Alterra Mountain Company has invested over $30 million in upgrades to Sugarbush, and the Inverness project will allow us to make snow more efficiently and provide a better ski and ride experience for the Mt. Ellen faithful along with improving the training environment for GMVS.”

As GMVS eagerly anticipates another outstanding winter of training and racing in the Kelly Brush Race Arena, the School is confident that the improvements brought about by the collaboration with Sugarbush Resort will undoubtedly elevate the overall experience for all athletes, coaches, and visitors.