Green Mountain Valley School (GMVS), in Fayston, Vermont, announces the purchase of a residence and additional 6.4 acres adjacent to the campus, expanding the existing 14-acre campus by 45%. As part of an ongoing commitment to continually evolve and improve the academy’s infrastructure, the new property just west of campus includes a three-bedroom postcolonial structure that will become the residence for Head of School Tracy Keller, her husband, and two young children.

In addition to allowing the Head of School to become even more integrated into daily campus life, the property’s spacious backyard will be a quiet sanctuary for communal campus gatherings, while the unfinished indoor spaces offer opportunities for housing, new classrooms, or quiet meeting spaces.

“This expansion provides GMVS with solutions that address near term infrastructure needs, allowing us to reimagine how we utilize all campus spaces, as well as an opportunity to engage in strategic long-term planning for growth and success,” states Head of School, Tracy Keller.

Board Chair Jamie Preston adds, “The opportunity afforded by this acquisition is something we’ve set our sights on for a long time. Having the Head of School on campus is now a goal achieved, and while we’ll proceed in a measured approach on other uses of the property, the expansion cannot help but enhance the GMVS campus and experience.”

Since its humble beginnings in 1973 within the home of Al and Jane Hobart on Bragg Hill, to its current campus on Moulton Road that started out as just a farmhouse, the academy has now evolved to a world class, elite training facility with exceptional academic programming. In addition to producing numerous World Cup winners, Olympians and NCAA All-Americans, GMVS consistently places students in top colleges and universities around the country.

Al and Jane Hobart note, “We are thrilled at the news of a major addition to the GMVS campus. From the start of the school 48 years ago in our own home and a rented ski chalet, the campus has grown and changed according to the school’s needs, the availability of land, the imagination of our leaders, and the generosity of our donors. Acquiring the property will fulfill a long-held dream: a chance to have our Head of School on campus, which will give her the opportunity to connect with students in a new/meaningful way that supports their academic and athletic pursuits.”

Home to 135 students, 72 of whom live in dorms on campus, GMVS is a premier ski academy for Alpine and Nordic racers from around the world. Today’s campus consists of four dormitories, state-of-the-art academic facilities, a dining hall, theater, and student center, and the newly-built Racing Performance Center. “Today’s campus supports our student athletes, while this is an opportunity to dream for the future,” states Keller.