Throughout the history of GMVS students have tapped their creative juices in a variety of ways from enrolling in a visual arts or pottery class, building the set for the annual theater production from the ground up,  and in its most free form, decorating vans for Reach the Peak with bright paint only removable with a good scrub at the local car wash. Art plays in integral role in the GMVS experience and comes in a variety of forms. 

In 2022, under the direction of Robby Kelley, GMVS students embraced on the uniquely creative task of created an original reproduction of the Mona Lisa. Extraordinarily, through teamwork, students were able to accomplish this task in a single day. Their process was unique as none of the students knew what the final product would be. The process began with Robby giving each student a rectangle with dark and light space, texture, and lines. He told each student to draw what they saw on a scaled up version of the rectangle. The only other directions he gave them were to pay close attention to lines, texture, and shading. In the end, all the students put their rectangles together to reveal a fine reproduction of the Mona Lisa! 

This single challenge only achievable through teamwork, discipline, and a willingness to try something new  is just one of the many examples of how art shapes a GMVS student-athlete.