What better way to celebrate the day of love, Valentine’s Day, than to highlight a couple of couples that got their start at GMVS? Have your own story to share? Email [email protected] for the chance to be featured on Instagram and among our 50 facts about GMVS. 

Photo to the left and above, Kelley and Doug Lewis from a 2004 Valentine’s Day race at Sugarbush.

Kelley ‘89 and Doug ‘82 Lewis met in Portillo, Chile at a GMVS Summer Camp in 1990. Doug was a last-minute fill in, coaching the U16 boys. Kelley was a PG training with Kirk Dwyer. They first met on the chairlift, then hung out tuning skis… and the rest is history. 2023 marks 31 years of marriage!

Another GMVS couple is Amy ’93 and Zac Comey ’94.

Photo of Amy and Zac from 1991.


Photo from the present day with children Ava ‘21 (19), Max, (15), and Owen (17). 

The two started as best friends, freshman year for Amy ‘93 and sophomore year for Zac ‘94. The rest is history. After GMVS, both attended UNH and then got married. They came back to GMVS when Ava, their daughter, was a student. The Comeys currently live in Darien, CT with their three children.

Another GMVS couple, Madaileine ‘00 and TJ ‘97, met while attending GMVS in the mid ’90’s. Madaileine (Mags) was in the 7th grade program and was close friends with TJ’s sister Jamie ‘00, also a GMVS alum. At the time, three years of age gap did not allow for much more than friendship. Madaileine frequented the Kingsbury household as Jamie’s friend and even embarked on a few family trips where she really got to know TJ and his family! Fast forward 9 years, TJ returned to Vermont after attending school in Montana and working across the country. Madaileine and Jamie had continued their friendship and were teammates on the UVM ski team. TJ and Madaileine had both “grown up” and began rekindling what might be considered a lifelong “ancillary” friendship.  Dating, co-living, a dog getting hit by a boat prop, some deep conversations, seizures and brain surgery led them both to a cold, snowy, blustering, snowshoe trodden engagement at the top of Camels hump in February of 2008 and a marriage in the Valley in 2009. They have built a beautiful family with three boys, another dog that has yet to be hit by a boat prop, and live in Waterbury, VT with their boys working their way into the ski racing scene. The two began their love story at GMVS and continue to share a life-long love of learning, sport, and adventure. 

Madaileine ‘00 and TJ ‘97 at the top of Stowe Mountain on a cold Vermont day.