Publishing the GMVS yearbook has been an annual tradition since 1980. Written on the first pages of that yearbook, Al Hobart captures the momentous “first” for the school. 

“This yearbook is another ‘first’ for GMVS, the latest of a long string of ‘firsts’ which all began eight years ago with Bill, Ashley, John Schultz, and I began with great optimism to plan a tutorial school. Of course, when you start something from scratch, nearly everything you do is a ‘first’. Still, one first yearbook is a pretty good example of the kind of effort needed to pull ourselves up by our bootstraps and almost every ‘first’ requires some pretty unusual effort from one or from all. Yearbooks are nostalgic items. This one triggers all sorts of memories, not only of our successes, which are many, but also of our traumas and the special efforts that made a difference not only from faculty, but also from students.”

Since publishing the first yearbook, the look and feel has evolved but the essence of capturing memories from throughout the year remains the same. In the early years, pages were filled with black and white photocopied photos of students and staff, and events from throughout the year. Reflections were written by hand and others were typed on what could have been a typewriter. Over time a soft cover has transitioned to hardcover, black and white photos have come to life in color, and writing by hand is only done in digital form. Yet one thing remains the same every year: every yearbook captures the moments that bind us together as a GMVS family for life.