Born from ice, Bode Miller, is a New Hampshire native who grew up racing on the Eastern slopes, and eventually became one of the greatest ski racers in U.S. history. With 33 World Cup wins, two overall titles, four world championships, and six Olympic medals, he is known as the most decorated male in U.S. ski racing history.

On a cool fall day, a group of GMVS boys traveled through the Eastern hills and windy roads of Vermont and neighboring New Hampshire to visit the iconic Bode Barn, to experience training the Bode way. The barn is situated on family property and houses a home-made contraption that was designed to help Bode build strength and muscle mass through eccentric movements, ultimately translating to power and speed on on the hill and in the race course. Channeling their inner Bode, the GMVS boys worked through one of Bode’s workouts, lifting heavy, slowly, and with focus on speed in the race course this season.

In the words of Matteo Bassi, GMVS U19 Boys Coach, “To travel over there is like a field trip to an iconic slice of U.S. skiing history. This was the place where a lot of blood and tears were shed by arguably one of the greatest skiers ever.”