Take advantage of the opportunities here at GMVS to power your passion and become a champion. Whether you dream of becoming an Olympian, making the national team, racing at the collegiate level, or taking your skills as far as they can go, we’re here to support you. At GMVS, you’ll be given EVERY opportunity to achieve powerful results.

It’s not always about the results, or how fast you go; it’s about developing a strong athletic foundation and becoming the best you. Imagine a school that empowers you to maximize your potential through comprehensive sport programming. Where your training program includes strength, speed, flexibility, balance, injury prevention, nutrition, mental toughness, confidence, and focus – not to mention on-snow technical and tactical skill development.

That’s what makes GMVS special, and the reason why GMVS student-athletes consistently achieve high success, year after year.

Next-Level Training

Take your training to the next level in the world-class Racing Performance Center, a U.S. SKi & Snowboard High Performance Center. Unlike any other facility in the eastern United States, the 30,000 square foot “RPC” is more than just a building. Here we fuse high-performance athletic space with cutting-edge ski tuning facilities, expert physical training, advanced injury prevention and rehabilitation services, video analysis, and performance psychology.

Two workouts every day will make you stronger, quicker, more flexible, more connected to your body, and more mentally tough. Periodized strength and conditioning blocks made up with a wide array workouts help maximize your athletic potential and keep you excited. Workouts might include:

  • Building strength in the weight room
  • Working on plyos and agilities on our turf
  • Pilates, TRX, dance, and yoga in the fitness room
  • Cardio on over 30 pieces of equipment
  • Mountain biking on challenging trails throughout Mad River Valley
  • Roller Skiing up the “App Gap”
  • Basketball in our multipurpose gymnasium

With diverse training options led by expert coaches, former athletes and specialized trainers, you’ll be well prepared to hit the snow.

Mental Training

Ski your fastest when it matters most. Prepare your mind just as thoroughly as you prepare your body through mental preparation and psychological strength.

Through group workshops and on-site individual counseling sessions, our mental training program focuses on goal setting, mental toughness, self-talk, self-confidence, teamwork, visualization and imagery, relaxation, and time management.

Our on-site sports psychologist will help you develop a high-performance mindset to help build confidence, focus, and determination to train and race at your best on any given day.

Meet Sheila 

Sheila Stawinski, MA, CSCS

Shelia grew up in _____ and founded Fit2Excel with her husband in ____. Sheila received a B.S. in Psychology with a minor in Exercise Science from _____ and a M.S. in Sport Psychology from _____. Sheila has more than 20 years experience in performance enhancement training with Olympic, national, collegiate and high school athletes. Prior to Fit2Excel, Sheila worked in Lake Placid, New York where she trained athletes from the Olympic Training Center, the National Sports Academy (NSA), the Olympic Regional Development Authority (ORDA), and Northwood School.

Since 1996, Sheila has served as the Sport Psychology Consultant at the University of Vermont where her focus is on mental skills training and leadership development for individual athletes, teams and coaches. As a collegiate cross country and track athlete Sheila also had the privilege of being a high school cross country and track coach for 15 years and is certified by the National Strength and Conditioning Association as a Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach (CSCS). Sheila and her husband John, live in Essex, with their three children where they love spending time together and enjoy being active as a family.