We’re here to help your children become better skiers while simultaneously developing grit, resilience, sportsmanship, and personal responsibility — character traits that will enable them to go on to wisely and confidently impact the world. We recognize the import role you plan in this process, and we value our partnership with you.


GMVS Ski Club Volunteer/Race Duty Policy

All GMVS Ski Club families are required to pay a refundable $420 race duty deposit upon registration. Deposits are refunded in May of each year to families who complete their volunteer/race duty requirement during the season.


  • 3 race duties;
  • 6 training center clean-ups;
  • or any combination of the two

Race Day Job Responsibilities (no experience necessary)

Registration - 0.25 race day credit

  • Arrive at 7:00 am to help set up the registration table
  • Hand out bibs, tickets, and check off athletes
  • Help set up score board
  • Help with ticket return and counting money (some races)
  • Plan on staying until 9:30am

Bib Collection – 0.25 race day credit

  • Arrival time varies. You need to be available from 12:00pm until all racers are down the course
  • Stand at the finish and collect bibs
  • Once the race is completed, sort the bibs in numerical order, group in sets of ten, rubber band and put bibs in bin

Gate Keeper – 1.0 credit

  • Arrive 30 minutes prior to start of race (around 9-9:30 unless otherwise noted)
  • Record bib numbers of athletes who did not pass the gates as set.
  • Gate Keepers are part of the course crew and may be asked to help in course maintenance.  
  • Please let us know if you don’t ski. You can gate keep from the last gate, but we need to know up front.
  • Plan on being here for the day, ending at approximately 2:30pm.

Announcer – 1.0 credit

  • Arrive 30 minutes prior to start of race (around 9-9:30 am)
  • Sit in timing booth and announce times over the loud speaker
  • Plan on being here for the day, ending at approximately 2:30pm.

Score Board – 1.0 credit

  • Arrive 30 minutes prior to start of race (8:30 am)
  • Write the names (registration people can help) on the score sheet and attach to board.
  • Write down times as they are announced.
  • The times you write are “unofficial.” Official results are posted on line from the computerized timing software at the end of each run.

Ski Club Building Responsibilities (no experience necessary)

Cleaning starts at about 3:00 as we need most people to be cleared out for cleaning. You can sign up for upstairs and downstairs separately.

Upstairs -- 0.75 credit

Vacuum all over and move tables to vacuum under tables then move tables back, take trash out to dumpster next to main lodge, put new liners in and tie to ensure bag stays up, wipe down tables and microwaves, put all loose items in the lost and found.

Downstairs -- 0.50 credit

Clean the bathrooms and hallway floor outside of the bathroom, vacuum the coaches’ room, and sweep the floors and stairs.

GMVS Ski Club Cell Phone Policy

No athlete cell phones in club or on the hill, lift, in jackets….

Kids may have phones in their bags and may check them quickly during lunch/breaks to see if they have updates from parents… Besides that, no cell phone use in the Club. When we use the term “cell phone” we also mean iPads, computers and the like.

You may lose phone and/or skiing for the day…or longer…

Important & Helpful Documents

Links to various documents and videos currently at www.skiclub.gmvs.org/just-for-parents/