Looking for a high performance, whole-athlete, mid-week training opportunity? Our RISE program is for you. Designed for passionate 5th and 6th grade U12 or U14 athletes, our RISE program bridges weekend club programming and future ski academy scheduling.

RISE Curriculum

Training the mind and body is at the heart of high performance athletics, and that process begins at an early age. Through a comprehensive curriculum that includes on-snow training, leadership skill building, and mindfulness development, the GMVS RISE Program strives to guide young ski racers in the early stages of whole-athlete growth and teach essentials to becoming a top level ski racer. Establishing important individual skills and routines within a team setting at an early age is essential to future success.

1) On-Snow Training
2) Leadership Skill Building
3) Mindfulness Development

Each RISE athlete’s progress will be tracked regularly through written coach evaluations, communication with parents, and hard data (timing, participation, meeting of expectations etc).

Whom We Serve

The GMVS RISE Program serves qualified student-athletes who live full-time in the Valley, choose to do a homeschool/tutor-based winter program in the Valley or are able to commute to Mt. Ellen three afternoons per week from a neighboring community.

We encourage any individual from any race program who is able to make the commitment to the GMVS RISE Program to apply.


5th and 6th grade U12 and U14 alpine ski racers who have a demonstrated love for the sport, willingness to work hard, and desire to focus on becoming a high performance ski racer will be considered for admission. The application process includes:

  1. Hand-written essay (1-page max) answering the question: Why do you want to participate in the GMVS RISE Program?
  2. Ski coach’s recommendation / evaluation of readiness (physically & mentally)
  3. Parental consent for participation in program, as well as, agreement to parental code of conduct

August 5th: Application Open
September 1st: Application Due
September 15th (or earlier): Decisions Released

Meet Bowen Holden, RISE Program Director

Bowen Holden

Bowen Holden

Director of Admissions, RISE Program Director

With her years of experience recruiting top-level student-athletes for Division 1 institutions, along with her commitment to the growth of the sport of ski racing, Bowen is prepared to help guide GMVS’ admissions well into the future. A former alpine ski racer, Bowen has nearly 20 years of experience in the coaching profession from the youth level through the national team level in the sport of lacrosse. She has spent the last five years taking that coaching experience back into the alpine skiing world where she is integrating her knowledge & passion for ski racing with her experience coaching at the highest levels.