Visual Arts


First and foremost, the goal of the Arts Department at GMVS is to provide students with a variety of problem solving skills that they wouldn't have access to in other subjects. We also hope that through this branch of the academics, students are givn opportunities to another realm of fun. GMVS is a highly competitive environment and the art room is meant to provide a calm space for students to explore ideas and materials without judgement.

In Studio Art we explore a variety of materials. Our goal is to learn to express ideas and emotions through visual forms, whether it be 2-D or 3-D. We have worked with pencil, pastel, wood and paint. We are excited to be settling into a new studio space adn my hope is that we will explore more with sculpture, wood, metal and clay.


Part of my goal for students is to get familiar with new materials but also to be able to discuss our own artwork adn build a community of artists that have the vocabulary to critically critique each others work.

Laura Jenks, Art teacher