Devlin Shea

GMVS class of 2013, Harvard University class of 2017

If you have visited campus on a Friday, or had the chance to watch Godspell this fall, you already know Devlin Shea.  He leads by example in many capacities: Lead in the school play, Student Government President, Captain of the soccer and nordic skiing team and one of the figureheads of Formal Friday.  At first glance you might not know the fellow in the lunch line with a bow tie is a three-time Junior National Competitor.  This season he showed his top speed in sprint races, winning a sprint qualifier at an Eastern Cup and clocking the 13th fastest qualification at Junior Nationals in Fairbanks, Alaska.  Shea is a well respected friend of many, who embraces his surroundings, whether crooning street crowds with his travel guitar in Northern Italy or swooshing gracefully on telemark skis at Mad River Glen.  Devlin heads to Harvard College this fall.