Anna'11 and Sara'11 Kikut

PG Year 2011-12

When twins Anna and Sara Kikut first began attending GMVS in 2005, they were part of the inaugural 7th grade winter term program. Like many kids who choose to attend GMVS, they wanted to pursue competitive ski racing.

Their athletic ability may have been obvious. If you do a web search on Anna and Sara, they are repeatedly cited on sports blogs—Varsity insider for one—for their various achievements, including their contribution to the Burlington High School Sea Horses’ Division I soccer championship in 2009. On their Track & Field profiles you’ll find Sara finished 7th in the 100 meter at the 2009 New England Outdoor Track Championships with a personal record of 12:52. Anna wasn’t far behind.

It’s only natural that they would excel at ski racing. They have impressive FIS rankings, have top finishes among seasoned collegiate skiers and have earned a spot on the Dartmouth College ski team.

Dartmouth has been put on hold at least for this year. The sisters deferred from Dartmouth and will spend the 2011-12 season as postgraduates at GMVS while they pursue their athletic goals.

“We were both committed to racing for a Division I college,” Anna said. “As we got more competitive with skiing, we strived to push ourselves to the next level and race competitively on the NorAm circuit.”

Each has been scouted by the US Ski team, but the girls remain devoted to the GMVS female coaching staff, which was one of the main attractions that brought them to GMVS back in 2005.

The girls have worked hard to earn their place in the ski racing world. And as Sara summed up in, “What drives Ski Academy Students to Compete?” a 2010 Vermont Public Radio broadcast of Vermont Edition,

“That rush makes you want more.”