Racing Performance Center

The GMVS Racing Performance Center (RPC) is unlike any other facility in the East, combining high-performance athletic spaces with cutting edge ski tuning, physical training, comprehensive video analysis, physical therapy, and all coaches’ offices in one central location.  By bringing together this unique combination of people and services, the RPC facilitates high-level communication and collaboration, enhancing the performance possibilities for all GMVS athletes and giving them the best platform for success.



Training spaces incorporate a range of different features and finishes, each geared toward maximizing conditioning while providing resilient biomechanical support, durability, and flexibility of use.

GMVS athletes thrive with world-class coaches, equipment, and training areas, including:

7,000 square feet multi-purpose gymnasium
with premium Mondo Sportflex flooring to allow
cross-training on a low impact surface;
eight basketball hoops; two volleyball courts


Weight room with 10 York squat racks, 2 Keiser pneumatic resistance squat racks, 6 Keiser Functional Trainers, 0-100 pound Dumbbells, Kettleballs up to 72 pounds, Rings, Climbing Ropes, wide array of medicine balls, bumper plates, Olympic weightlifting bars and much more!

1,000 square feet of turf to enhance dry land conditioning

with push/pull sleds, slide boards, boxes, hurdles and foam roller

Fitness Room for stretching, dance, yoga, Pilates, and TRX resistance band workout 

Cardio room with:

20 Keiser Spinning Bikes
10 Schwinn spinning bikes
3 Concept Two Rowers
2 treadmills


Dual-depth pool for power training, resistance training, and therapy for athletes who are healthy, joint-compromised, or recovering from injury

Locker rooms

Physical therapy suite with individual treatment rooms


In the tuning center, GMVS provides a quality of finish that was previously only available on the World Cup level, and we therefore eliminate equipment as a variable in our athletes’ performance.  A team of expert technicians utilizes state-of-the-art machinery including a Mercury automated machine from Wintersteiger, Race NC finish machine from Wintersteiger, and a Montana Wax Future robot to create precise grinds and finishes.

Technicians also utilize custom boot-fitting tools and a semi-custom software solution for tracking service on all skis and boots.   There are designated areas for both ski prep and boot fitting.


In a separate space, student-athletes share a large, open tuning area with multiple benches where they can tune their own skis, collaborate with one another, and get hands-on instruction from the expert technicians.  The area is designed with large glass windows, so student-athletes can also watch the tech services department at work and truly understand what happens to their skis during initial prep and maintenance phases.