Fall Musical Cats

Dogs may be a common sight on the GMVS campus but this year cats have the upper paw! Wasting not a minute, rehearsal for the fall production of the musical “Cats” began Opening Day and has been heard coming from the Student Center all week.

For most of the participating students, play practice is in addition to their academic load, dry land ski training and soccer practice. Rehearsals take place after dinner and during students’ free time. Theater Director Dave Gavett is the master behind the scheduling madness, combing through cast members’ schedules for those elusive and fast-disappearing free blocks.

Cast members attend voice, dance and acting lessons from the first day of school through the show's premier. Their dedicated training team includes Dave, musical director Piero Bonamico, dance teacher Deb New and actor Buddy Simis, a GMVS 2004 grad.

“The fall musical takes students outside of their comfort zone. It is hard work but always pays off in the end.  And so far this year, we are off to a great start," says Dave.

Twenty-eight brave ski racers have signed on for lots of hard work, fun and a chance in the limelight.  Dozens more GMVS students will contribute behind the scenes working on set design, props, makeup and as stage crew. If past productions are any indication, Cats promises a theatrical experience that's just about purrrrrrfect.

Show times are October 20-22 at 7:30 and 2:30 on October 22 in the Student Center.