Kelly Brush Century Ride

August 28, 2011 ~ On September 10, 2011 the entire GMVS community will be participating in the Kelly Brush Century Ride to raise money for the Kelly Brush Foundation. The KB Foundation is dedicated to making ski racing a safer sport by raising awareness and through the purchase of protective fencing for clubs, academies and race organizers.

 Last year, the Kelly Brush ride garnered over $275,000 in donations, and GMVS as a team contributed nearly $30,000 to that cause making us the number one team in the fundraising effort.  In 2010, GMVS athletes directly benefited from this effort as a we were awarded a grant from the KB Foundation to purchase over thirty new “B” net systems.  The GMVS team minimum fundraising goal this year is $35,000.  This an attainable target—and we hope that we can far exceed this modest sum when all is said and done.  And- as Kelly’s home program, we have to be the top fundraising team in the event!

We also hope for significant winter-term student, parent, sibling, alumni parent, and alumni participation.  Please go to the KB website (link and instructions below) for information and registration.


How can you be involved?  One or both of the ways below:


  • Ride
    • You must to contribute $150 to be included. The 2011 Brush Ride sign up page is live and ready for you act.  GMVS is loaded into that system as a team.  Do this on line following the instructions below. 
    • If the $150 donation is too much for you to handle, have sponsors donate on your behalf. 


  • Support riders  Go to the link below, and click on “donate”.  Choose a GMVS rider to sponsor, or make a general donation to the GMVS team.



  • go to this link:
  • click on “REGISTER HERE”
  • “agree” to the waiver/agreement stipulations
  • choose “Join a Team”
  • Under “Join and Existing Team” go to the dropdown menu of “Please Select a Team”
  • click on “GMVS”
  • Enter personal information AND credit card information to join.


Please contact Steve Utter if you have any questions.  Thanks very much for your help.