Alpine Results

February 5, 2013 ~ GMVS racers saw action in Vermont, Maine, Colorado and Canada this week, with race series piling up during the height of the season. We'll start close to home, with USSA action at Pico in the Chapin Memorial Slalom. PG Taylor Dawson proved up to the task, eking out a half-second win. Behind him in third place was Thomas Woolson '12, with Thomas Walsh '13 and Jay Boland '14 joining them in the top ten in 8th and 9th places. Also skiing to the first seed was Fitch Spencer  '14 in 14th place. For the ladies, junior Eklutna Kenney skied up to 15th place. 

Amelia and Hannah David and Sebastian


Sugarloaf is hosting their annual 'Speed Week', and Lexi Skovran got things off to a great start, finishing 3rd in the opening Super G on Monday. Ryan Mooney continued his solid Super G skiing with an 8th-place result. In yesterday's race, Lexi was again in the bronze medal position, while Ryan moved up to 5th.

In U16 giant slalom action at Stowe, coach Cris Frank gave the following report for the girls: We had some solid results in the U16 women's race at Stowe. Amelia Kaplan made a statement with a 2nd place and Hannah Utter '17 (a U14 'skiing up' to U16) continues to impress with a third place. Jules Skovran had a great second run to finish 12th. Katie Utter '15 had a fast first run, finishing 3rd, but missed the last gate in the second run.

For the boys, the results were also impressive. David Frisk '15 took top honors, winning the second run enroute to the top of the podium. First-run winner Christian Gallagher met with trouble in the afternoon run and was a DNF. Sebastian Halpern-Reiss '16 had a solid day, finishing 5th overall, while Patrick Gallagher '16 skied two good runs to take 11th place. Phillippe Ratte '15 moved up to 12th, with Jack Despres '17 finishing 14th.A side note: pretty neat seeing 3 children of GMVS alumni (Utter, Halpern-Reiss, Despres) in the overall results...


In FIS action, the NorAm races at Vail featured some of the top talent on the continent, and Drew Duffy '13 was the top U18 finisher in one of the tightly-contested GS races. Back east before heading to Colorado, Drew took 7th in a FIS Super G at Whiteface. In that race, junior Ryan Mooney finished 19th. In the opening Super G, PG Sandy Vietze '11 tuned up for his western race trip with a 6th-place result, with PG Danny Duffy '12 getting in the act in 10th and Charlie Raposo '14 taking 15th. Whiteface also hosted a GS race, and Sandy Vietze impressed with a second-place finish (just 0.02 out of first). Hot on his heels was Charlie Raposo, just 0.07 behind Sandy. Jack Schibli '13 made the jump of the day, leaping from 24th to 7th, while PG Thomas Woolson '12 was 11th.



The focus of FIS racing is also on Collingwood, Ontario for 4 days of racing on the escarpment facing the chilly expanse of Georgian Bay. The slaloms at Craigleith featured a soild win by Charlie Raposo on the first day, with Jack Schibli again moving up (from 18th) to finish 4th. Max Stamler '14 continued his improvement, finishing 10th. On Day 2, Max took 13th, just ahead of classmate Geoff Pyke '14. Also notable was Malcolm Dymond '15, who came from all the way back in 55th, riding the 4th-fastest second run time, to land in 16th place. Talk about the Attack From the Back!The opening GS at Georgian Peaks was rugged, but Max again led the charge in 12th, with Jack Schibli taking 13th place. In yesterday's finale, Raposo regained his form to take second place,  with Schibli moving up to 8th. 


The ladies' races opened also with slaloms, and Natalie Wetmore '14 led the team in 6th, followed closely by the trio of Storey Dyer Kloman '13, Ali Price '15 and Lainey Curtis '13 in places 7-9. Senior Kristin Sweeney cut her start number in half to finish 11th, with Gabby Pasteris in 13th and Ava Kikut rounding out the top seed in 15th. In the second slalom, junior Sammi Stolar blasted her way to the podium, finishing 3rd, with Wetmore 11th, Sweeney 12th, Kikut 13th and Pasteris 14th. Sammi also carried the day in the opening GS, finishing 9th. Dyer Kloman was 12th in that race, with Ava Kikut finishing 14th. In yesterday's race, Sammi moved up to 6th, with Kristin Sweeney capping a solid series in 10th.