$299,000 to reach $1 Million!

August 18, 2012 ~Thank you to the 112 families and 3 foundations who have generously contributed to the Campaign for the 5th Decade. Because of your support, the Campaign has raised a total of $1.2 million and $693,000 towards the $1 Million Match challenge. With $307,000 left to raise by December 31, our goal is very attainable.  

As we enter the final months of the $1 Million Match challenge, we ask you to consider a gift that will have more than a double benefit for GMVS. In addition to your donation being matched, meeting the $1 million goal by the end of the year will bring an additional $250,000 donation. That's how $1 million can equal $2.25 million. And that's how your generosity can have a lasting impact on GMVS.

All donations and pledges made by the end of the year, even multi-year pledges, as well as donations of real estate and stock, will be matched.  

You can donate online, or send a check directly to the school:

Capital Campaign

Green Mountain Valley School
271 Moulton Road
Waitsfield, Vermont 05673 

Your gift to the Campaign for the 5th Decade will maintain the excellence of a GMVS education by supporting its fundamental ingredients: Faculty, Facilities, Race Arena and Endowment.