Clubhouse Gets a Makeover

If you haven’t stepped into the GMVS Ski Club lately, you’ll be in for a surprise the next time you visit.  Bright paint colors and new carpeting are just the beginning in a series of improvement projects to beautify the space.

Thanks to the joint efforts of GMVS Ski Club and GMVS Academy, the clubhouse will look updated and will communicate a more personal picture of the people who use it. 

Improvements include:

  • High quality carpeting in dining area
  • Rubber floor tiles in upstairs entry
  • Rubber runners downstairs
  • Two new televisions
  • Tuning benches
  • Custom white boards
  • Art work
  • New paint

“I’m really excited about the new look at the club, and I’m thankful for the tremendous support that the club gets from the academy,” said Ski Club Director Adam Julius.

Upstairs, visitors and members of the GMVS family will see a variety of material featuring club and academy kids.   Videos and slide shows will run on a loop and be rotated regularly to highlight different GMVS activities and people.  Current club members, current academy students, and GMVS club and academy graduates will be featured, including those who’ve gone on to high level college racing and/or the US Ski Team.  Artwork on the walls will reinforce that theme, with photos of ski club and academy kids enjoying their time together.

Downstairs, the new tuning area will have high quality benches and vises for the GMVS community to use.  A new television will hang next to tuning benches and offer tuning tips and advice to viewers.

As GMVS Headmaster Dave Gavett says, “This is just one more example of the fantastic club and academy relationship!"