A Historic Day for GMVS

March 30, 2012 ~Dear GMVS Parents, Student and Trustees,

[imagefield_assist|fid=806|preset=third_of_page_pic|lightbox=true|title=|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=200|height=267]I just came off the hill after an incredible morning of slalom training on Riemergasse, under the Sunny D lift at Mt. Ellen. Not only was the training outstanding, the simple fact that we were able to get on snow is downright remarkable. After the least-snowy and warmest winter on record, and after a record-setting meltdown in mid-March that saw the snowpack disappear before our eyes, the fantastic efforts of Sugarbush allowed us to be back and training in a matter of days. 

Last week, Mt. Ellen closed a week ahead of schedule, and Inverness was unskiable. In order to allow us to get valuable training time during this final phase of the season (and as preparation for summer camps and next year), the Sugarbush management team and snowmaking crew turned our new Snowlogic guns to Riemergasse, where some snow remained from the melted-out terrain park. The Sugarbush team worked round the clock from mid-day on Monday until they lost snowmaking temps on Wednesday, then groomed out the new snow as well as the remaining snow from the terrain park, and fired up the Sunny D lift, which had already had its summer maintenance schedule underway. This morning we arrived to find the trail covered from edge to edge, and we were able to set 3 full-length courses side by side. The high volume and quality of the training rivaled any we had this winter, and the session was, needless to say, incredibly productive.

What made this possible was not only our ability to use our new high-efficiency snow guns (thus keeping our cost, the energy to run them, down), but more importantly it was the Sugarbush management team’s commitment to getting us up and running. On Monday and Tuesday night, it was not only the snowmakers in action, but also the management team was dragging hoses around and adjusting the guns to cover what had been a mostly brown slope just hours earlier. 

Today was the first day of what I expect to be a terrific week of training. We will be out there throughout the weekend and next week, as we wrap up what has been, despite the weather, a phenomenal season of training at Mt. Elle 



ps: For the Nordies, our new snow guns also have us thinking of you and how we can get you on snow early next fall as well....Nothing like the Jay Peak Hill Climb, but we’re thinking!!