Seventh Grade and PG programs

Seventh Grade Winter Term Program 

The 7th grade winter term program at Green Mountain Valley School is designed for alpine and Nordic racers who are seeking to understand and immerse themselves in the rigors of attending a ski academy, in order to determine if full-time attendance at GMVS fits with their passion and capability. Students learn how to balance their academic course load and the demands of ski training, with support from our dedicated 7th grade staff. The program runs from November through March, and the students study our 7th grade curriculum, which may be distinct from their sending school curriculum. Our teachers will communicate with sending school teachers to create a smooth transition to and from the GMVS winter term program. Although our curriculum may not overlap directly with their sending school curriculum, it has been our experience that the students typically make a smooth transition back to their sending school. A number of our 7th grade students choose to apply, and are accepted into the full-year 8th grade program at GMVS.


PG Program  

The selective GMVS Post Graduate (PG) program allows athletes to train and compete at the highest levels before moving on to college or National teams. We also offer an optional academic component that can be tailored to the needs of each individual student.

For additional information, please contact Andrea Harris (, Coordinator of the PG Program.     

I would recommend a gap year for many reasons! First, I came into college with more trust in myself after spending a year away from my family, which really helped me avoid a lot of classic first year pitfalls. Second, After spending a year dedicated to training, I had much better understanding of what worked for me and what made me faster. Along those lines, after my PG year I had bigger training base and was stronger than after my senior year in highschool, which has certainly paid off on the college circuit. Third, it made me form a healthier relationship with skiing as I learned to not draw self-worth from results, and that balance in life was the most important thing I could do for myself and for my skiing. And fourth, I will always be thankful for the relationships I formed in the Mad River Valley, specifically Justin Beckwith, Shane MacDowell, and most of all the wonderful Ketchel family that opened their house to me for the year.

Nick Gardner