GMVS Academics

Our goal as a ski academy is to recognize that one can compete at the highest level athletically and simultaneously pursue academic excellence. While the athletic program trains students for world-class competition, the teaching staff prepares students for a future beyond skiing. Our program encourages students to explore their interests in many areas. In addition to a full college preparatory curriculum in English, history and social sciences, foreign languages, math, and science, GMVS offers extracurricular opportunities in theater, music and the visual arts.

Students individually plan their academic schedules in consultation with the Director of Academics, their coach, and the College Placement Counselor.  Courses and course load are selected on the basis of academic preparedness, ability, and the demands of each student’s travel schedule, not necessarily by age or grade levels. GMVS continues to offer the traditional core courses as well as a variety of electives, opportunities for honors and advanced work.  Students are required to pass basic skills courses before moving on to advanced courses.

Small classes encourage preparation, involvement, and performance. Course loads are demanding, and teachers maintain high standards so that students stretch the limits of their potential. At the same time, our 5:1 student to teacher ratio enables staff to adjust those standards to individual students, taking into consideration learning style, college goals, and racing schedule. Teachers mentor students to ensure mastery of class material and they teach students how to balance the demands on their time. Teachers work closely with each other as well, developing interdisciplinary projects that reinforce subject material.


Academics on the Road
At GMVS, travel for racing and training is an integral part of the high school experience. Students are held accountable for their school work while away. As a result, these athletes learn how to utilize their free time judiciously. They use their class web pages to follow the curriculum and coaches ensure that students have study time daily to maintain their coursework. Teachers meet individually with students following their return from travels.