Koch, Dani

Head Girls' Alpine Coach
  • Alpine Girls Skiing

Dani Koch, Head Women’s Coach and Head Conditioning Coach, joined GMVS in 2003 after eight years with the Swiss Women’s National Ski Team as assistant coach and conditioning coach. During his time with the Swiss Ski Team, he worked with the Junior National Team, Europa- Cup team, and World Cup team. Prior to joining the Swiss Ski team, he worked as a youth coach for four years at the U16 and U14 level. A native of Switzerland, Dani received his education in sport science at Zurich University and the Swiss Institute of Technology, and he absolved his education as a Ski Instructor and federation coach. He earned an Elite Coach’s Certification from the Swiss Olympic Federation. Dani’s Training Philosophy: When working with young athletes, it’s important to create correct movement patterns first before looking at performance development. To improve efficiency, an athlete has to be able to activate and engage the right muscles for a specific exercise. Especially talented young athletes have to ability to compensate for mobility or stability deficiencies. If movement patterns aren’t corrected, young athlete loose efficiency and are more prone to overuse injuries. The goal is to support students to become well-rounded athletes. By establishing correct movement patterns, athletes are able to maximize efficiency and develop the foundation for peak performance. Conditioning training is geared to help athletes to transfer their improved physical abilities on snow and become the best ski racers they can be.


Zurich University and the Swiss Institute of Technology

Elite Coach’s Certification from the Swiss Olympic Federation 

Swiss Physical Education and Sports Teaching Certification, Level II.