"GMVS is a community that thrives on relationships; dorm parents, coaches, teachers, and advisor support helps each and every student reach the goals they set.  Our student life philosophy is intrinsically woven into the mission of GMVS.  Students thrive on being independent contributors to a powerful community life, see themselves as part of a bigger puzzle and act on our core values to create this vibrant community.


Jenny Brennan
Director of Student Life

GMVS is a small community in which students and teachers live, train, study and work together. Our day students (approximately one half of our student body) and boarding students come from all over the world and are united through their shared passion for skiing.

GMVS is an exceptional high school experience- athletically, academically and in terms of character development. Student-athletes accept a high level of responsibility and are challenged every day. They learn valuable life-long lessons about pushing through adversity, testing themselves and accomplishing their goals.