student life

 "It's fun, but hard work, too!"
 Al Hobart, GMVS Founder


With alpine training facilities at Sugarbush Resort and multiple Nordic training facilities throughout the area, GMVS has 125 students from seven different countries currently enrolled. Throughout the year, a typical day is approximately 8 AM-6 PM. In the spring and fall, student-athletes participate in morning and afternoon training blocks with classes in between. In the winter, they have on-snow training all morning and classes all afternoon. In the winter, Mondays are full academic days without athletic training.

A Typical Day

A typical GMVS day starts at 8 AM and ends at 6 PM. In the spring and fall, student-athletes participate in morning and afternoon training blocks with classes in between. In the winter, mornings are spent on snow with classes all afternoon. Mondays in the winter are full academic days (day off from training).

The daily life of a GMVS student-athlete is shaped by many things, including:

•   The Kelly Brush Race Arena- Our amazing Alpine racing facility provides two dedicated and FIS homologated training trails with two private surface lifts and a chairlift to allow for continuous training on a variety of terrain. We have warming buildings at the top and mid-run with a clubhouse conveniently located at the base. Our 150+ rolls of b-net offer unmatched protection. GMVS also owns snow guns to ensure great early season training. 

•   The Racing Performance Center- This 30,000 sf center combines high performance athletic spaces with cutting edge ski tuning (including a state of the art Wintersteiger tuning machine), comprehensive video analysis, advanced physical therapy, therapy pool, locker rooms and all coaches’ offices in one central location. 

•   Diversity and Depth of Training Experiences- GMVS Nordic racers have the opportunity to train in Italy, Yellowstone, Lake Placid, and at a variety of facilities throughout the Northeast. We own a trail groomer and also a high-end Nordic trailer for waxing skis or resting at races. The Alpine racers travel to Austria, Chile, Colorado, Germany and/or Norway with a variety of challenging opportunities throughout the year. 

•   Classroom Academics- GMVS provides a full academic curriculum in a traditional classroom setting and also has a built-in flexibility to support the training and racing needs of racers while on the road. Our classrooms are updated with Elmo projectors, white boards, new modular furniture, and the Weiss Academic Building has been renovated to include two state-of-the-art science laboratories. 

•   Our Campus- We offer a traditional campus atmosphere with a cafeteria, four dormitory buildings, two athletic fields, a Leed Certified library, two science laboratories and separate classroom buildings. 

•   Spring/Fall Team Sports- In the spring and fall, student-athletes are given the choice to pursue regular ski conditioning training blocks or participate in both ski conditioning and a sport. Our soccer and lacrosse teams participate in Division II of the Vermont State Principals Association. 

•   Theater, Art and Photography- 50% of students participate in the annual fall musical production at GMVS, and many take part in our art and photography classes. 

•   Community Service- GMVS students donate more than 1,500 hours of annual community service. 

Through the sport of ski racing, and through education in the liberal arts tradition, it is our GMVS mission to develop the whole person with a life-long love of learning, sport and adventure. Our goal is to create an environment in which our students can become well-rounded scholars, athletes and citizens who value Discipline, Responsibility, Respect, Independent Initiative, and Total Commitment and Effort.