Foreign Languages

FRENCH 1: FR100 (1 Credit)
This course aims to introduce students to the fundamentals of language learning and most particularly those necessary for success in French.  To that end, the course necessitates regular work and enthusiasm regarding speaking.  The course’s most objective method for charting progress centers on homework, quizzes, projects and tests, but far more important to the process of learning a second language, this course invites and requires active participation in class.  The key to successfully learning a foreign language is speaking, not to mention having fun.


FRENCH 1.5: FR150 (1 credit)
This is an intensive course designed for students with some previous knowledge of the language.  It covers grammar and vocabulary for both French 1 and French 2 curricula with the intention of allowing students to enroll in French 3 the following school year.  Assessments are based primarily on quizzes and tests, with some projects and presentations.  Active participation and student-initiated speaking are both essential in this course.  Homework is also a key aspect of the class as the accelerated pace of the course requires dedication to studying and practicing the language independently.  Schedules permitting, advanced language students or native French speaking students will be in the classroom one to two days per week as Assistant Teachers (ATs). Activities with ATs will include drill, which builds accuracy and automaticity, and communicative activities, which build fluency.  French will be spoken with increasing regularity and will be the primary language of instruction. 


FRENCH 2: FR200 (1 Credit)
French II is the second step in a four-year introduction to the French language.  Students will learn foundation skills necessary for successful language acquisition.  Reading and writing will play a key role in mastering these foundation skills, especially where grammar is concerned, but speaking and oral comprehension are our primary goals.  Schedules permitting, advanced language students or native French speaking students will be in the classroom one to two days per week as Assistant Teachers (ATs). Activities with ATs will include drill, which builds accuracy and automaticity, and communicative activities, which build fluency.  A positive effort and active participation are essential to success in this class, as they are in any successful communication.  Primarily French will be spoken in the classroom.


FRENCH 3: FR300 (1 Credit)
This is the third course which builds on the fundamentals of French.  While continuing to focus on key grammar and vocabulary, French 3 intensifies the lessons in speaking and listening.  French 3 expands the students’ horizons in reading by introducing more complex sentence constructions, including literary verb tenses and styles.  The students read the classic children’s story, Le Petit Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, write original essays, engage in diverse role-play scenarios, and use French language sites on the web to support class projects and discussions.


FRENCH 4:  FR400 (1 Credit)
This course will complete instruction in foundation grammar and vocabulary. In spoken French, the objective is to develop fluency, accuracy and automaticity in conversation.  Reading and writing skills are developed both through intensive and extensive practice using classic texts as well as current media.   The goal is to develop an understanding of language learning, and hopefully a love of language.


 FRENCH 5: FR500 (1 Credit)
This course is designed to bring together all language skills to support study at the high intermediate to advanced level.  The course is divided into 4 quarter long units, each with a different focus.  Quarter 1 will provide an intensive review of grammar and vocabulary. Quarter 2 will focus on literature, reading a French novel or a series of short stories by well-known French writers.  Quarter 3 will include compositions, discussions and presentations centered around student-chosen cultural topics. Quarter 4 will focus on conversation French, based on themes of interest.


GERMAN 1:  GER100 (1 Credit)
Students develop comprehension, speaking, reading and writing skills.  Participation in class and in extensive verbal drill classes is required.  The study of grammar and the ability to write in German is reinforced through a variety of classroom activities, as well as with a text and workbook.


GERMAN 2:  GER200 (1 Credit)
Students continue to develop their spoken German.  Students are required to conduct themselves in class exclusively in German.  We also continue to practice grammar and comprehension. Prerequisite:  GER100.


GERMAN 3: GER300 (1 Credit)
The focus of German 3 is mastery of spoken German.  Classes are conducted in German as we gradually focus more on reading and writing skills.  An immersion program either in Europe or on campus is strongly recommended.  Prerequisite: GER200 or approval of academic director and department.


GERMAN 4:  GER400 (1 Credit)
The objective of this course is to improve verbal communication and vocabulary through class discussion of more advanced texts by German authors.  The use of short stories, poetry, newspapers and periodicals help to improve the grasp of German grammar.  Prerequisite: GER301.


ADVANCED GERMAN:  GER500 (1 Credit)  
This course builds on the grammatical and spoken structures developed in German 1-4, with the specific focus of preparing for the National German Exam, administered by the American Association of Teachers of German (AATG). This exam is administered mid-year, and students who score well (above 90%) are eligible for a two-week free academic trip to Germany. The culmination of the course will be the Goethe Institut’s Deutsches Sprachdiplom A2, an internationally-recognized evaluation of the student’s written and spoken German skills. During the year, we will be using a variety of materials and projects to advance the students’ skills, while preparing for the evaluations that follow.